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Top Dog understands that your company's greatest asset is your Employees.  Some of the most important Talent Selections that your company can ever make is the selection of your leadership team. The right Executive Hire can have a significantly positive impact on your organization meeting and exceeding business goals and objectives, regardless of if you are a start-up or a F100 company or anywhere in between.


When you hire Top Dog Recruiting to handle your company's Strategic Executive Search, you'll be working with one of our highly experienced industry professionals with at least 20+ years of Executive Search Expertise.  You are guaranteed that we come to the table with a strong understanding of your industry, the competitive market.  We will sit down with your Board, hiring team, or Executive who is driving the search, to gain additional insight into why the search is being conducted, as well as experiences, attributes, backgrounds, and qualifications that you are looking for in your Strategic Executive Hire. We want to understand your business goals and objectives to be sure that we are aligning our search criteria properly.


All of our strategic searches are conducted confidentially, and each search is unique to each client.  We are well known for our old fashioned Head Hunting and qualifying skills, and ensure that you are only being preseted with candidates who meet all of your criteria.


 We do all of our own sourcing inhouse, ensuring confidentiality is maintained. We handle new hires, strategic replacements, strategic restructuring, Interim roles, and augmentations.  Please Contact us to learn more