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As a Job Seeker, your first goal is to figure out exactly what you are looking for. As yourself, what kind of a role are you looking for?  What kind of a company are you interested in working for?  Large, Small, Medium?  Public, Private? Startup or Well established company? Are you looking for a Recognizable Name Brand Company or are you one of those people who likes to start things and help build them from scratch or somewhere in between?  When you are engaged to work with one of Top Dog's recruiters, they will ask you a number of questions about what you are looking for in your search and what your goals and objectives are with your search. 


Our team wants to know what you WANT to do.  We want to help you find that perfect role for you.


Our process includes the following steps..


  1. Review of Current Formal Resume
  2. Telephone or Face To Face Interview to learn more about your experience, goals, aspirations and search objectives

  3. Run potential opportunities by you for review

  4. Consultative review of your qualifications agains the requirements of the roles you select and recommendation on how to strengthen your formal resume to increase your chances of being selected (we have a 96% interview selection rate with the candidates we present to our clients becasue of this process)

  5. Work with you throughout the interview process to make sure you are fully prepared for each interview and qualification level of the process. We provide feedback from our clients after each interview

  6. Provide you with support and help through the negotiation, resignation and new employee start processes as needed.

As mentioned above, we have a 96% interview selection rate with the candidates we present to our clients.  This rate is significantly higher that most other executive search and recruiting firms out there. Our process is carefully designed to not only fully qualify and vet candidates so that we're presenting only fully qualified candidates, but to leverage our knowledge and experience with labor laws and regulations that employers have to adhere to throughout the hiring process to advise you an help you ensure that your application stands out.


With the advent of internet recruiting this is now more important than ever!  For every open position, hiring companies receive 1000's of applications.  Only 5-10 of those applications gets a phone interview.  Only 2-5 get face to face interviews.. and only 1 gets the job.


It's important to work with a team who understands the laws, the regulations and the technology limits that hiring companies are working with and how to navigate through them. Top Dog Recruiting is that Team!

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