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When you work with one of Top Dog's recruiting team members, you are working with a highly trained and skilled recruiter.  Our team members are knowledgable of Employment Laws, Hiring Regulations, and the Technologies that hiring companies use and how to navigate through all of these obsticles as a job seeker to get you in front of the right people who make the decisions on who to hire.


The recruiting team takes the time to really understand our clients, their culture, their teams, the way they work, and their needs, as well as their industry.


The teams also carefully review candidates resumes, and speak with them about their search goals and objectives. We provide advise on how to strengthen formal resumes. We carefully evaluate opportunities with you to select the opportunity / opportunities you are best qualified for and then work with you to help you customize and strengthen that application package and formal resume for that /those positions.  We know our hiring teams well. We know exactly what format of a resume each likes to see, what key words they are looking for, and how to work through the Applicant Tracking System and other Mandatory evaluation and review processes to give you the best shot to be at the Top of the Hiring Team's list.


Our Teams will help you prepare for each interview you go on, including phone interviews, face to face interviews, round table interviews, technical interviews, or practical interviews.   We will make recomendations on information you should research before speaking with each member of the hiring team, and provide you with any advice on how to respond to interview questions you are unsure of.


Your recruiting team will work with you and the hiring team to schedule interviews, provide you with feedback, and if necessary, help during the negotiation process, resignation process and the new employee start/ orientation process.


Always remember you are interviewing the hiring company, as well as they are interviewing you.  We are not just another search firm trying to shove a square peg into a round hole.. We want to find that perfect match for both our candidates and our hiring teams. 




  • That unless a hiring company specifically asks for a cover letter, there is no need to put one together?  99% of hiring teams never read cover letters. EEO/EOE regulations require all hiring companies to evaluate candidates on even playing fields. The formal Resume is the key document that HAS to show you meet all of the requirements.


  • All resumes have to be entered into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and be evaluated prior to human eyes ever seeing them?  These resumes are most often ranked by Key Words. Specifically where and how many times they show up in your resume. If you want to know what these key words are, just look at the "Requirements" or "Qualifications" section of a job description AS WELL AS the "Preferred Skills" , "Plusses" And "Additional Experience" sections as well. 


  • That if you don't put your legal name, mailing address, phone number and email on the top of your resume, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will not parse your contact information and even if you are the perfect candidate for the role, the hiring company will have NO way of contacting you?  ALL hiring companies have to track their hiring processes to ensure compliance with US DOL regulations. They do this by using Email Communication to ensure that all communications are recorded and documented.  If your email is not on your resume you are going to be at a severe disadvantage. Some ATS even purge resumes that don't have address, phone numbers and emails on the top of them becasue there is no way for the hiring teams to contact those people


  • That Applicant Tracking Systems often can not read the content of text boxes and graphics and if you use text boxes or graphics on your resume it will either show up as blank or computer code in an applicant tracking system?  This also goes for putting your contact information in a text box!  If you do this.. it's just as good as leaving your name and contact info off the top of your resume and it WILL get purged and you'll end up going into that black hole where you never get contacted for the job.   (Many ATS also don't read headers and footers either.. so if your contact information is in a header or footer it will also most likely get purged out of the system and you'll never get called and end up in the Black Hole of applications.



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