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Top Dog Recruiting has been around for over 20 years now. We got our start in the Software and Technology Industries as well as Management Consulting Worlds, placing mid, senior and executive professionals across North America in all functional areas.  As we have evolved, our recruiting teams have grown, and we have expanded our service offerings into the fields of Accounting, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Medcial Sciences, Consumer Goods, Travel & Transportation, Supply Chain/ Distribution, Media & Entertainment, Science, Human Resources, Commercial Real Estate and a few other industries.


Our recruiting teams span across the United States and Canada, and we have support teams globally. We have placed professionals on every continent on earth, except Antarctica... but there's always a first time for everything!  (If you're hiring there, please let us know.. we'd like to help!)


Our recruiters have been recognized as some of the best in the business and are highly respected for their unique skills of finding needles in haystacks, and filling highly strategic and highly confidential positions for some of the world's most prominant, as well as the world's most up and coming companies.  You'll find a number of the companies we represent can be found on both Forbes or Fortune's lists of "Best Companies To Work For".  The candidates we represent have all been fully vetted and qualified and come highly recommended by their peers, and former employers. They are typically at the top of their game.


You will find our team often giving presentations at industry events, or training other recruiting organizations on how to recruit and source quality talent. 


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